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Double or Triple?

April 3, 2009

Interesting discussion here on school science education. Part of it discusses the merits of the combined science double award versus the three separate sciences. (more…)


Twenty First Century Physics Meets Powerwatch

November 9, 2007

We return once again to the love of my professional life: Twenty First Century Science. In section P2 we study electromagnetic radiation which might seem like real science and indeed there are elements of it (once you get past the bit about testing sun-creams, that is). When we reach the activities relating to microwaves, though, my woodar starts going off. (more…)

Physics and Maths Teachers Needed!

October 6, 2007

The number of students taking physics A-level has been declining for twenty years. To counter this, the government has launched a campaign to recruit more physics and maths teachers. Lord Sainsbury proposes that physics in schools need not be taught by physics graduates, instead it could be taught by graduates in other subjects (he mentions material science) who do a conversion course.

At GCSE level, since most pupils take the double award General Science course, some of the modules are taught by non-specialists. How well does it work? (more…)