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Round and Round and Back Again

April 5, 2012

When I was a lot younger and more radical than I am now, a friend in the Labour Party explained to me why she was reluctant to get involved with the more hard-left groups thusly: “The trouble with revolutions is that you go in a great big circle and wind up back where you started”. This certainly seems true of ‘revolutions’ in education. (more…)


The Political Baccalaureate

April 3, 2011

Is the ‘English Baccalaureate’ anything other than a stick for Michael Gove and the rest of the ConDems to use to beat State education? (more…)

Duking The Stats

October 14, 2010

The title comes from a scene in “The Wire” where detective-turned teacher Presbelouski is called to a staff meeting where he is told that children are to be withdrawn from normal classes in order to practice for the assessment tests. He complains to a colleague who explains the need for the school to improve their SATs scores. “Ah!” he says. “we’re duking the stats!” To her blank look he says “Making rapes disappear, turning felonies into misdemeanors. I’ve been here before.”

I have to say that “duking the stats” is neither peculiarly American nor peculiarly fictional. (more…)

Daily Mail Determines Reality

May 17, 2009

[BPSDB]The Daily Mail, it would appear, has taken on itself the right to decide not only what is taught in school science lessons but also the nature of reality. (more…)

The Perils of Privatising Education

February 16, 2009

[BPSDB]Professor David Colquhoun has been investigating the teaching of woo to schoolchildren. The offending subject matter is found in the OfQual accredited Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Health and Social Care. (more…)

Don’t Touch This Poisoned PR Chalice

October 14, 2008

[BPSDB]According to this article in the Times Ed, a PR firm has mailshot schools to suggest they take part in meaningless experiments. (more…)

Damned If you Do, Damned If You Don’t

September 21, 2008

[BPSDB] It would appear that the school-kicking season is in full swing. According to press items such as this, school mathematics is going down the pan. (more…)

Comparing Past & Present Grades

August 30, 2008

As a result of the annual debate on standards I have been considering how best to compare the grades of current 16 year olds and those achieved by us oldies three decades ago. (more…)

Exam Results Still Mean Something

August 26, 2008

Well, last week the GCSE results came out and they became the usual political football. Despite my previously stated views on  the Twenty First Century Science syllabus, I am not among those who consider the GCSEs to be meaningless. (more…)

Additional Applied Science

July 10, 2008
As promised here, I am posting a couple of Twenty First Century Science Additional Applied Science questions. (more…)