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Round and Round and Back Again

April 5, 2012

When I was a lot younger and more radical than I am now, a friend in the Labour Party explained to me why she was reluctant to get involved with the more hard-left groups thusly: “The trouble with revolutions is that you go in a great big circle and wind up back where you started”. This certainly seems true of ‘revolutions’ in education. (more…)


Duking The Stats

October 14, 2010

The title comes from a scene in “The Wire” where detective-turned teacher Presbelouski is called to a staff meeting where he is told that children are to be withdrawn from normal classes in order to practice for the assessment tests. He complains to a colleague who explains the need for the school to improve their SATs scores. “Ah!” he says. “we’re duking the stats!” To her blank look he says “Making rapes disappear, turning felonies into misdemeanors. I’ve been here before.”

I have to say that “duking the stats” is neither peculiarly American nor peculiarly fictional. (more…)

An Incentive To Cheat (Part 2)

December 17, 2007

Given the small but select bunch that read this blog, it was highly unlikely that it was read by Government ministers. Which is a pity because if they had read this they migt not have come up with this bright idea – financial incentives for schools to dramatically improve. (more…)

An Incentive to Cheat

September 29, 2007

Most people have heard of “The Law of Unintended Consequences”, the notion that the consequences of your actions may be far different to those you intended. It is possible that one Government policy is encouraging teachers to give unethical levels of assistance to their students. (more…)