Who is Kelvin Throop?

Kelvin Throop was a character who appeared in stories in Analog in the 60s, 70s and 80s. He held numerous jobs but in each he invariably cracked under the srain of dealing with idiotic service users, managers and governments. Each job ended with him firing off a series of memos telling the unvarnished truth before quitting.

In his current incarnation he is working in the science department of an inner city comprehensive. He has realised that telling management what he thinks achieves nothing so hopes by means of this blog to tell the public how well their taxes are being spent. If you demand change from your political representatives, perhaps we will get a better educated populace and less interest in quackery and woos.

Contact me at KelvinThroopIII@aol.com with your stories of education idiocy. Or education brilliance; I live in the hope that there is still some around.


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