How Hard is This?

Today’s post contains a couple of questions from a modular exam sat by Higher Tier GCSE science students on 11 June 2008.

Question 2, Higher Paper, Module B3C3P3 Exam, 11 June 2008



There are a total of seven marks for these questions out of a maximum of 42. There are a total of eight questions to be completed in 40 minutes.

 Regrettably, I am not cherry picking the questions. I would reproduce the entire paper to prove it but I do not wish to fall foull of copyright law. The questions cover modules B3, C3 and P3 of – yes, you’ve guessed correctly, the Twenty First Century Science syllabus. These are studied at the end of Year 10 rather than Year 11 but please remember this is the Higher paper, taken by students who a quarter century ago, would have taken O-level.

I have nothing more to add.

Question 8, B3C3P3 Module Exam, Higher Paper 11 June 2008


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5 Responses to “How Hard is This?”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    Those questions are…astonishing/breath-taking/asinine.

    This must be destroying the morale of teachers and everyone else involved in education.

  2. jdc325 Says:

    Dammit, I took my GCSEs about fifteen years too early. That paper looks like it would have been ideal for me. I might have been unable to resist the temptation to tick “scientists always like to have something to argue about” in 2(b) though.

  3. valueaddedwater Says:

    Those questions are badly worded, show no logical deduction skills, and are based upon assumptions that are wrong IMHO.
    That is a “Science” paper, and I use the word advisedly for people who want to tick the science box, but have as little intention of doing science as I do of running a marathon

  4. The Twenty First Century Science Syllabus « Education Watch Says:

    […] a bit difficult to think about science if you have not been taught any science to think about. In “How Hard is This?” I posted some questions from a recent examination of these […]

  5. cabalamat Says:

    If you think these questions are bad, have a look at this one.

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