Evangelical Education

Richard Dawkins writes of the religious endarkment. When you read about the Carmel Christian School in Bristol, you can see why.

The school makes considerable use of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) devised in Florida and a lot of work is done from PACE (Packages of Accelerated Christian Education) workbooks. If you watched Dispatches on Channel 4 on 19 May you will have seen what they include, Genesis being taught in science lessons and a textbook containing the outright falsehood that rocks returned from the Moon by the Apollo missions were found to be between six- and ten thousand years old.

 You can read the OFSTED report on this establishment here. These are the points that leapt out at me:-

On page 4:-

“Apart from the ACE programme, the range and quality of resources is unsatisfactory. Books for reading are old and some are in a poor condition. Resources for independent research are limited and again largely out of date. There are very few resources for practical science and design and technology. Pupils in the youngest (ABCs) learning centre do not have sufficient or appropriate resources for their needs.”

This suggests to me that the primary purpose of the school is evangelical indoctrination and the National Curriculum – indeed any subject not the Bible – takes a back seat.

On page 5:-

“Some pupils are achieving good standards in their PACE work, as indicated by the number of times they achieve 100% in their PACE tests. Standards in non-ACE subjects are more variable, and pupils are making insufficient progress in their acquisition of investigative skills in science and design skills in DT”

Kind of supports what I’m saying. The report continues:-

“The ACE programme does not provide pupils with the opportunity to learn about English public institutions and services and the school has not sought to compensate for this omission. This is a weakness.”

A weakness, eh? No shit, Sherlock.

On page 6 the report criticises the school buildings:-

“The school does not meet requirements for the Disability Discrimination Act as it does not have a current three-year action plan to increase disabled access to the school and the curriculum…

“Provision for the younger pupils is unsatisfactory. The learning centre is too small and lacks adequate lighting…

“There are no specialist areas or rooms for practical science or design and technology, which significantly impedes the teaching of these aspects of the curriculum. The outdoor play area is too small for the number of pupils in the school and there is no grassed area for sports.”

 Pretty damning. Tony Blair must be proud of himself. Head teacher David Owens is pretty clear where the blame credit lies:-

“Tony Blair opened the door in the debate on faith schools. So it’s time for people like us to strike while the iron is hot.”

The school is part of the Carmel Christian Centre, an evangelical organisation that claims 60,000 members. If other members of the Evangelical Alliance start their own schools, we can expect a lot more children being indoctrinated with biblical literalism. Tony Blair has spoken of feeling the hand of history on his shoulder and is clearly obsessed with his place in history.

Well Mr Blair, here is your answer. Your place in history will be as the Prime Minister who set this country back on the road to the Dark Ages and religious bigotry. Thank you so fucking much.



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2 Responses to “Evangelical Education”

  1. reluctantfundie Says:

    “Teaching is satisfactory overall and good in the senior learning centre. Teachers
    make good use of the ACE learning centre procedures to ensure that pupils are
    set a level of work where they can learn according to their ability and prior
    attainment. The ACE programme has good systems for assessing and tracking
    pupils’ progress and teachers use these systems well to ensure that pupils
    achieve appropriately. The school has identified a few pupils with additional
    learning needs and these have individual learning plans with clear targets for
    improvement. The ACE programme encourages pupils to take the responsibility
    for their own learning. As a consequence, pupils are well motivated to become
    good independent learners. Teachers give good individual support to pupils and
    offer clear explanations when needed. Good use is made of questioning to
    extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the material being studied. ”

    “Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good.
    Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding and pupils emphatically report there is no
    bullying in the school.”

    ” However, the school does
    make good use of the multicultural nature of the school and church community
    to develop pupils’ appreciation of their own and other cultures.”

    ” Staff
    show a strong and genuine commitment to pupils’ welfare. The policy for
    managing behaviour is based on the ACE Procedures Manual and is rooted in
    the principle that the individual is responsible for his or her actions. Pupils are
    very positive about the rewards for good behaviour as well as being well aware
    of the sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.”

    “The school meets all of the Education (Independent School Standards)
    (England) Regulations 2003 as amended January 2005, with the exception of
    those listed below.”

    Just bringing a little balance to your blog. =)

  2. kelvinthroop Says:

    The ACE program is full of lies. Helping children to memorise lies & bullshit does not constitute a good education!

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